to clog or not to clog.

i had to do an outfit post with my new jeffrey campell 'charlie' clogs. they came in the mail today, these beautiful little creatures, taking me back to the 90's, when i had my first pair that looked almost identical. i noticed there has been a bit of controversy with the clogs this year. to clog or not to clog, that is the question? i clogged, and i love!

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sheer burnout jacket: vintage, dress: laize adzer, leggings: american apparel, shoes: jeffrey campbell charlie clogs.

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  1. I think they're refreshing. I like the Chanel clogs.


  2. definitely to clog...adore these! You've inspired me to hunt down a vintage pair on my shopping travels tomorrow haha

  3. I'm actually slightly obsessed with that burnt gold color. I want to wear it everyday, but don't have enough pieces.

    In terms of clogs, the just aren't for me. I hate feeling like my foot will slip out of the shoe so I don't do mules or flip flops either. You look wonderful in yours though. So represent!

  4. hehe I did a blog post on clogs today, crazy coincidence

  5. i love clogs... how could one not? if you like anything about 70s fashion you have too :)


  6. Everytime I see them my heart screams Chanel! :)
    I love the outfit, so relaxed and cool and chic!


  7. love love love the clogs
    so unique


  8. i dunno if i can embrace clogs a 2nd time around but you make them look fab! love the whole look.

  9. the clogs look great on you!

  10. heather-thanks. i agree!

    jade rose--ahhh yes vintage clogs! the love! (=;

    chelsea rae--i love that color too, but it's hard to find! i completely understand you on the clog, mule thing. i wouldn't have gotten them if they didn't have a sling back. but i guess because these are so high they don't slip off at all. crazy!

    carla--it's understandable. they are all over the place right now. people are going to be bogging about them left and right. it makes sense! thanks for your comment!

    bravegrrl--so true! lovers of the 70's would be fools not to love clogs. haha! thanks!!

    fashion chalet--i can't wait to see you rockin' them gorgeous!!

    lexi colby--thanks! i'm glad you love them too!!

    nina--haha! i know where you are coming from. the first time i saw them agian i was like wtf?! but i can never say no to any kind of fashion i will pretty much always do it. again and again. lol! i'm glad you like the look. thank you so much for your comment!!

    iva--thanks!! it's good to see you again!!!

  11. you're killing me! i want those too!

  12. jennine--i am here to keep that wallet ever expanding! gotta keep spending for money to keep comin'. that's the only way the universe knows to keep the flow coming in. haha! especially with shoes!!! thanks for the comment! xxx

  13. I am so into the clog! i think they rock! Love that color on you! xx

  14. guauu i love the zuecos, and all yor outfits, you look like a hippie chic woman i love it. Have a nice day

  15. I couldn't do as good of a job as you in pulling the clogs off, but anyway, you look brilliant!

  16. I was incredibly anti-clog til I saw you, they fit you like a glove, I am pro-clog now!

  17. work it!!! love the hippie-gypsy-prohibition look.

    Have you checked out these clogs? www.swedishhasbeens.com/

    XXX, Kim

  18. taylor--thanks for the visit and your sweet comment! xxx

    larita--awww...i love being a hippie chic woman. what a compliment!

    deep_in_vogue--oh come on you know you could! xxx

    fashionconfectionary--you are too sweet. i too was kind of iffy on them at first, but i love them now!

    kim--hahaha! i love the prohibition addition, awesome! i have checked out those clogs, my friend has a shitload at his store but they are soooo pricey! i do want a pair though! thanks for stopping by, i love your comments!! xxx

  19. wow,
    I just love the draping!

    so cool!

    www. katrishka.blogspot.com

  20. i love these looks. so gorgeous.
    and, you totally look like rachel zoe in those bell bottoms!


  21. i love those clogs..i love love love them. of course they are sold out everywhere.

  22. To clog clog clog!
    I almost bought a pair of these today and then I realized I didnt have $80... =\
    Nice blog girly.