black veil ǝsıou ʞuıd.

while i was going through my closet last nite i found this stack of dresses that my great-grandmother had crocheted for my grandma. my cousin has been wanting me to take pics with them on so she can have them framed--sort of as an heirloom. so i decided to wear this today and photograph it as well. i feel so honored that my grandma would want me to have such beautiful pieces and i will cherish them always. do any of you have special heirlooms? do share.


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crochet tunic dress: grandma's vintage, tights: ??, clogs: jeffrey campbell 'charlie', hat: vintage, heart earring: apparellel.

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  1. aaaaah i want the clogs so bad <33

  2. Love everything about this! Gorgeous!

  3. great blog, great style and great photos!


  4. Ohh what a gorgeous dress:)
    Have a blast this weekend!


  5. i love it!!!dominique-ernest.blogspot.com

  6. wow, your the first person I've liked clogs on

  7. Great photos. Clothes made with love are the best kind there are!

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  9. that is an amazing dress.. and you styled it perfectly... and your clogs look great with the ensemble without being the focal point!

    heirlooms are the best... i have a dress my dad bought my mom in vegas before i was born... i've worn it to soooo many semi formal events... i'll have to do an outfit post with it one day


  10. great pictures!

    <3333 the clogs! I need to get my hands on a pair of those!


  11. those clogs are amazing and you're so lucky to have found that crochet treasure!

  12. Aw, what a pretty dress!! :D

    The only heirloom I have is a small diamond ring that was my great grandmother's wedding ring. She died when my mom was a teenager, so I never knew her. That's it though. I hope I will have some neat things to pass on to my little girl when she gets older.

    On another note, I just received my Jeffrey Campbell clogs yesterday & not a moment too soon. They're sold out everywhere! YAY! Now if I could just get my hands on a pair of those JS Dany platforms. Grrr.

    Woah, long comment. Have a good weekend!!

  13. lovelovelove

    those shoes are too awesome!

  14. ooh those clogs look like the ones on the Chanel runway...great find!!
    xox alison

  15. thank you all for your visit and sweet comments. love.

    bravegrrl--thanks for sharing with me. sounds like a special dress. please do wear it in a post. i would love to see it!

    nickie--that is great that you at least have something of your grandma's. unfortunately to require heirlooms means to have to lose people who are special to you and that part hurts. i would rather have my grandma. i am sure you will have some great heirlooms to give your daughter. congrats on the clogs. so many shoes are sold out right now it's crazy! xxx

  16. That's dope. I love heirlooms.

    The only ones I have are the 2 bracelets and a bangle that my grandmother gave me (the bangle was given to her by her grandmother). The bangle is solid silver and heavy as hell. The other two are melted down half-crowns. I don't even bother taking them off. =D