little red riding (in the) hood.

at about 4pm today i came up with the bright idea to do a shoot all in red. i literally put on every item of red i had (minus the blazer) and we headed out to the streets of hollywood. apparently the 80's/90's have been inspiring me a little too much lately. (=;

i would like to thank my husband (and valentine) for taking my pics and for putting up with me the year we've been together and the 22 years that we have known each other (i love you baby).

i hope you all had a fabulous valentine's day. and i vote for loving one another year round, how about you? i'm off to spend quality time with my beau.


while you are at it, take a look at my new *inspire blog. beautiful pics for all to admire. yay!

cape: vintage, dress: trosman, belt: vintage, tights: ??, boots: sam edelman, sunglasses: vintage christian dior found at the goodwill 10 years ago for $1 dollar!! best score ever!! red coral necklace: i can't remember. aaargh! earring: apparellel, hand chain: apparellel.

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  1. Now, that's the hottest outfit I've seen on your blog. Love the latch-key child touch and those boots are awesome! I bet your husband like it/you too!

    XXX, Kim

  2. You're absolutely ravishing in red. Fantastic!

    And yes, I'm all for love all year-round. =D

  3. Honestly your style is huge and so daring:)
    Love the way you play with fashion!


  4. Love it. Particularly love the coral necklace. I'm on the hunt for a big, chunky, Native American coral or turquoise cuff these days. They are always too big for skinny wrists though.

  5. U look amazing, luv everything!!! xxx

  6. That dress is beyond amazing! Thank you for stopping by my Blog.

    <3 Miss Mae

  7. Twenty Two years, CONGRATULATIONS that's quite the achievement, he's lucky to have you!

  8. kim--"latch key child touch" haha. perfect!

    innyvinny--i'm obsessed with red right now, oh and electric blue. i wanted to do this post feat. aa disco pants in red but i don't have them. i need an aa connection. haha!

    miri--yes love! xxx

    marlboro martini--thank you!

    vintage me new you--such a compliment. i'm just lucky to be able to express myself! xxx

    nickie--i love native american jewelry with a passion. you are right. it's so hard to find cuffs in smaller sizes!

    fashionjazz--thanks gorgeous!

    saraj--i'm taking that as a compliment. haha! mwah! xxx

    marla--you rock!

    miss mae--trosman has amazing designs!

    carla--me too. just not usually in red. haha. xxx

    meggstatus--22 years we've been friends. married since july. pretty crazy! thanks for the compliment, sweet one.

  9. I love your outfit and I think you have really fun and fresh style ~^_^~ I think in the old days they called it "fly" haha

  10. i'm definitely into loving like valentines day all year round!


  11. There are no words.
    Never seize to amaze me.

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  13. You're such an inspiration! Love your boldness.