babydoll blues.

the last few days i have been jetting down to my local american apparel and chillin' with, we shall call him j, (until he tells me i can use his name. ahahaha!) a really styling guy that works there. we hang out and talk about clothing and style. he is the bomb people, his style, his personality....he rocks it. so if you ever want to head down to aa and if you live in los angeles i suggest the one on hollywood and cherokee, which is literally 2 blocks away from me--so while you are there call me and we will get a coffee and maybe, if we are lucky, j will join us.

okay so the point of all this. here i go getting all ADD on you again--the point--yes, is that it is so hard if not impossible to hang out at that store and not want to buy everything. i wanted a little something to help me get inspired for an outfit post. so i picked up these sangria shimmery numbers (and the disco pants in charcoal, i had to my peeps!), came home threw on this vintage dress and my michael kors cut-out wedgies that i keep forgetting about. they probably think i have been cheating on them with my js dany's--i will have a talk with them later. and voila! so anywhoo, i hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far. thank you for not leaving any nasty comments yesterday, haha! in fact the support that i got from you was amazing and i love you all. seriously every single one of you has an impact on my day. thank you for taking the time to stalk me. and believe me i'm stalking you right back. (=;


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babydoll dress: vintage cut short. sangria shimmer opaque tights: american apparel, shoes: michael kors, hat: vintage, purse: grandma's vintage.

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  1. HOT!! Love <3



  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwww.
    L<3ve your tights and dress (;

  3. Love, Love, Love those shoes. MK makes the most comfortable shoes, and these ones are just genius to look at!

  4. I almost shouted a dirty word in front of the kids when I saw those shoes! :-X Gorgeous! Those are way cuter than the JC ones, which will remain nameless for fear of fast sell-out. This is one of my favorite looks you've done. Fabulous!

  5. those shoes are SO BADASS.

    ps. check out my new blog: http://diyainherstilettos.blogspot.com/

  6. oh, the disco pants! i have been lusting after those for awhile- so olivia newton john at the end of grease. if i were still in LA, i would definitely meet you down at aa to chat fashion. maybe on our next trip out :)

    (and now i'm going to add she's so lovely to my queue as well! i definitely remember hearing about it but never saw it)


  7. awesome shoes/tights...tre chic

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  9. YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS!!!! And they have the disco pants in charcoal? Those I may be able to do. I couldn't have my delectable derriere in the red ones. Too much attention. LOL.

    Now when are we going for lunch? Or coffee?

  10. I have a leopard fedora. Let's get together and be a leopard hat gang.

  11. You are such a doll. And not the fragile kind. You kick ass! This outfit is so in your face. I love it (and I'm not very big on colors). And those disco pants. So daring. I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  12. I love how colorful this outfit is especially your shoes!

  13. Luv the blog!!! ! I'm a new follower : )

    check out my blog as well when you get a chance.

  14. SHOES SHOES SHOES SHOES SHOES SHOES SHOES SHOES SHOES ( I would keep going but my fingers are getting tired).

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  16. awww...thank you so much for all of your compliments. i got the michael kors on ebay a while back in case you were wondering.

    innyvinny--if you get me out of the house this will be your greatest acheivement. haha! i would love to meet up with you! and yes the disco pants are in a lovely charcoal color. i might do a shoot with them tonite. trying to get inspired. i love how i just said that and looked at the clock and it's 12:17 am. good lord i need a new schedule. mwah!

    every little counts--you have to read my "tell me about it stud" post. you and i are thinking right along the same lines! xxx

  17. ADORE THIS! Especially that hat... wow! Fancy sending it my way? haha :)
    Can't wait to read your interview answers! Thanks again for doing that for me



  18. Hahaha, I LOVE THIS POST! Not cuz of J, but because of the stockings! I knew they would look good on you. The colour really looks great with anything. not to cartoony, or whatever.