monocle macromania.

short but sweet today. i can hear all the sighs of relief now. (=: today's outfit was based around this vintage chanel magnifying glass necklace, which was very popular in its day--somewhere in the '85-'89 period i believe. very madonna "express yourself." this gem was also from my grandma's collection. and... the hat. need i say more?

thank you lookers, readers, followers and stalkers. you are loved. and truly thank you for all of your sweet comments yesterday.



dress: vintage laize adzer, stirrup lace tights: american apparel, leopard print booties: zara, hat: vintage with added tail, vintage chanel magnifying glass necklace: grandma's collection, hand chain: apparellel.

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  1. this outfit is absolutely amazing! the vintage dress is fabulous, where did you find it?! and it goes perfectly with the tights. :) im so jealous!

  2. You are an inspiration! I'm thrilled with your blog and i'm following it! Thanks!!!


  3. no way! That's a look we'll see more of. You may have started a monocle trend. soon kanye west will be rocking one!
    XXX, Kim

  4. Love these pics and outfit. The shoes are loubs? If so check my blog got a shot of them at London Fashion Week :)

  5. i just found your blog and i love your sense of style!! its so eclectic!! can i maybe one day post one of your outfits on my blog??

  6. lace tights + animal print = verrrrry cool.


    I'm so very sorry about your brother. If you ever need an awesome word of reassurance and a cyber hug, you know where to find me:-)

  7. another incredible outfit - love it! so perfect :)
    that hat is gorgeous! & I must buy myself a pair of those lace leggings

    Thanks for the amazing answer you gave me for my 'ask a stylist' question, it was really helpful!



  8. Oh the amazingness of that monocle necklace! I absolute adore it.

    (Thank you so much for following!)

  9. Wow, that necklace is fantastic! I am also loving your leopard booties and drapey tunic/dress!! You look heavenly ;)

  10. love the lace leggings, really sexy!! great heels too...your style is awesome

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  11. amazing monocle...and even better that it is from your grandma! i have my grandmother's wedding ring and it is my most cherished possession.

    by the way... i have just added "unhook the stars" to my netflix queue. i can't wait to see it....and of course, i won't judge! i am sure is amazing, but i completely understand not having the final say and having to compromise for a higher power- such is the industry!


  12. The monocle is awesome. As are the tights. And the rest of the outfit for that matter, although I'm not sure I'd have the nerve to wear it myself.

  13. Great shoes!


  14. Hi!
    I must say that you have an amazing blog!
    Love it. Look at my blog, if you want :-)
    Maybe we can follow each other? :)

    Love from Momo


  15. i totally just got a similar silky shirt. so perfect. love the monocle too haha

  16. lovely dress!

  17. i need your hat
    love those tights
    and your shoes!!

  18. Love the side seams on the leggings- super cool detail! Also, love the nail polish. ;)

    p.s. the Reeboks sold this morning! :-O

  19. Really great outfit... Like the way you mix it all togehter. The different patterns and fabrics.


  20. you never cease to amaze! what a great hat and necklace, and i lvoe how youve paired them with those lacey leggings:)

    xx raez

  21. rose--the shirt/dress was my aunts from the 80's and she gave it to me. yay! thank you!!

    lusty--i am honored and following you right back!

    kim--i love your comments. they make my day and make me laugh. thank you!

    the man from amsterdam--very funny young man. loubs have red soles as you know but thank you for the compliment and i love your pics!

    c'est moi--cyber hugs welcomed here always. thank you sweet thing!

    fashion monstre--you are welcome to post any pics of me on your blog (except for the nudie ones you might find on google) 0=; thank you!

    hannah--thank you so much for using *ask a stylist. you are the bomb.

    tastes eclectic fashion--anytime! thank you for the compliment!

    the style revolution--such a great compliment. thank you!!

    heart charlie--thanks! it's nice to see you back! xxx

    fashion by he--thank you so much for the compliment!!

    every little counts--i have my grandma's wedding ring too. isn't it one of the most treasured and special heirlooms one can have? one that signifies true love. ahhh.....

    couture, elledee, kate--thank you sweethearts!!

    momo--you are now being stalked by me. thank you!! xxx

    anna-lisa--you are cute. it just comes naturally for me and has since i was very young so i don't see it as having nerve. it's an expression of myself and one of the only ways i know how. you have a cute style and it fits you. i say dare to be different!! thank you. mwah!!

    jess, amy--you are very sweet!

    wendy b--serious love headed your direction!

    isquisofrenia--see, it's all about the hats. haha. love!

    nickie--thank you as always. i'm glad they sold, i was so close to buying them. xxx

    anonymy--thanks for bringing that up. i love mixing textures, it's the wardrobe stylist in me. and bravo for noticing. xxx

    raez--awwww...thank you! you rock! xxx

  22. Totally admiring this look - fur, lace, leopard print.

  23. this outfit is amazing, i love the hat!

  24. Wow! You have an amazing blog!!!!! Love your style! So Happy i found your blog...i'm an aspiring stylist so this will be my go-to blog from now on!



  25. I just pray i´ll look as good as u do when im ur age.

    re: i sure hope it will!

    love sjo

  26. LOVE the outfit an nailpolish! Where's it from if I may ask?
    Following you!

  27. That necklace is amazing. And i love your nail polish.

  28. effortlessly amazing! <3333333333333. woohooooooo!

  29. holy shit i love this outfit.
    god i love your style girl.
    you work it so welll!
    im seriously reading you blog for like 4 hours!
    i love it so much!