black lace lust.

okay, so not only did i purchase the disco pants from american apparel but i bought way more stuff than i care to admit. this is why i steer clear of this place, my wallet is always empty when i exit. they really have the best staples for my closet though. american apparel, indie designers and vintage is really all i need clothing wise. this lace dress appeared right in front of my eyes, beckoning me near, and i fell for it....quickly. they had just barely gotten this in, which is always exciting knowing that not everyone is going to have it....yet. i added some shoulder pads to give it a little added oomph and paired it with some electric blue (they look purple in the pics) opaque tights and the sam edelman's which you are going to be seeing a lot of, until spring really kicks in. i really want to purchase many new shoes, and will very soon when i start making my millions! hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

i was featured in two kick ass blogs yesterday. cocainepretti and denimology, have a look. also check out *inspire if you haven't already. i think i'm going to have a giveaway soon so follow me on twitter and google or bloglovin' and i will keep you posted.


p.s. there will be no nipplage showage today as i don't want one of those stupid warnings on my blog. otherwise i wouldn't give a shit. pretty amazing nude bodysuit though, aye?! (=;

black lace dress: american apparel, opaque tights: american apparel, hat: vintage, hand chain: apparellel, earrings: grandma's costume jewelry.

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  1. i totally get that distinctly empty wallet feel when i leave american apparel haha! those damn perfect basics will be the end of me (but good for my closet)

    come visit me!

  2. thankyou for visiting my blog! love the look of yours, that lace dress is sex! & i'm drooling over the boots...


  3. oh this lace dress is totally what i was looking for as well. haha you look stunning. this hat is wonderful and i love your hand chain.
    you're a stunning model :)

  4. I'm a sucker for electric colors. I think I have a pair of tights in just about every color, including those that don't really exist in nature :-)

    I purchased a lace bodysuit from AA and its so itchy! But I love it like none other. Is your dress the same way?

    I live in the DC area, its one of the most stale places fashion-wise and the weather is questionable 3/4 of the time haha but I'm here until I graduate so I may as well make the best of it, right?

  5. Phones are freakin scary, I'm glad you share that opinion with me. Makes me feel less like an alien. Love your blog btw!

  6. wow! you pull that look off so well haha!
    i love the whole outfit!

    and thank you, the fabric bows are just some fabric and not part of the shoes! i just wrapped them around my ankles :)


  7. amazing outfits!!!! love it! so chic!
    thank u for leaving me a nice comment:)

  8. this is such an awesome outfit! i love the black lace. oh and those shoes!! i love those. xx

  9. We should really plan a thrifting excursion, I am always looking for new thrifting partners. Onto the outfit-I am obsessing over this hat, I just adore the racoon tail. On a side note, are racoon tails good luck or is it just rabbit feet... hmmmm.

  10. amazing dress <33
    and thanks for lovely comment! i'm so happy being 21 =D

  11. that hat is a piece of art, hun. I'm alright. you? hope you're well.

  12. That dress is awesome. Great purchase!

  13. You should be a model for American Apparel!

    That lace bodysuit is amazing, and paired with the pruple = perfection!



  15. All of your hats are beautiful. This one is so much fun. I completely understand your love for AA, I try to avoid it like the plague else I'll have even less money than I have now. haha!

    Kudos for adding addong the electric blue tights. Sometimes a black outfit just needs a pop of color.

  16. you have such a style its amazing! very very inspiring thanks for sharing your creativity :D


  17. birthday girl--agreed! xxx

    tess stam--thank you! they are my fave boots obviously. haha!

    melmo--i love that you notice the details. thanks for the compliment on the hand chain! xxx

    c'est moi--you know what, i have the most sensitive skin ever. i can't wear wool, acrylic etc. but this dress is not itchy at all surprisingly enough. maybe they changed the fabric up a little. hmm... and about small towns. they can be very inspiring. i am from slc utah and whenever i am there i get way more inspired than in la. use it to your advantage! you will be out of there soon! xxx

    belle in arms--yes i never turn the ringer on and my friends get so mad at me for never calling them. i love your blog too! xxx

    lexi colby--i am so stealing your idea. it looks so cute!

    my strawberry cocktail. love. xxx

    the style crusader--thank you! xxx

    meggstatus--yes. thrifting adventure soon. and as for the raccoon tail. haha! i'm going to say that they are good luck. anytime i get a vintage fur of any kind i take time to thank the animal for giving it's life. it's a native american tradition. and i really think that it was their plan. i know a lot of peta activist would beg to differ. anyway yes they are good luck! haha! you are too cute!

    marla--21 is a great age. enjoy it! xxx

    aurora--i'm hanging in here. thank you for asking. if you ever need someone to talk to my e-mail is above. i have been wearing my raccoon tail every which way. i think it looks quite good on the hat. thanks gorgeous!

    orphaned apparel--good price too! thanks! xxx

    wendy--hahaha! you crack me up!

    nickie--hahahahaha! yeah i could be the 'mature' model.

    hannah--thank you! xxx

    chelsea rae--i love hats!! yes, avoid aa unless you have money. it's too hard. xxx

    studdedlilly--why thank you, that is very sweet!

  18. I love the lace dress! The first photo is awesome. Thanks for stopping by my blog gorgeous! xo

    HERMES BANGLE at www.FashionSnag.com

  19. lace is definetly to way to go for this season

  20. very very beautiful o

    ut fit , i like your post lik


  21. i have the same AA addiction problem, the lace dress is so cool (and such a versatile layering piece). the sam edelmans are too cool for words

  22. the hat looks just like the one at the vena cava collection

  23. LOVE the whole get up!! Your rockin it all!

  24. Wow, fierce look! love it. And those shoes are amazinnnnng. I need some.

  25. gosh, i love american apparel too! the perfect staples to go with my eclectic wardrobe.

    love the blue/black combo :)