screw the ipad. we've got ikat.

let me tell you one of the reasons that i love having an outlet so much:

today i find out that my brother is fighting for his life in the hospital. i go visit him and come home completely sick, nervous that the phone is going to ring and it might be "that" phone call. so, instead of wallowing in my misery, i pull up my boot straps and shoot an outfit. what better distraction? i am grateful to be inspired by something that can take me away from my sadness to a wonderland of sorts. i am thankful for many things right now--my health, my husband, my other love (my puppy), my family, my friends and my readers. thank you so much for all your sweet comments. it is very much appreciated and brings a smile to my face when i read every one.

so a little bit about the outfit. i found this sweetass ikat jacket on e-bay last week and freaked out. i got it in the mail this morning and it was more amazing in person than in the pics. it reminds me a bit of the laize adzer jackets of the 80's. i look at it and i see a work of art and i wanted to shoot it that way. my husband took these amazing pics by the way. (i love you baby!)

i hope you take something from this post. maybe think of at least one thing you are grateful for. life is fleeting, let's enjoy it while we can.


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ikat jacket/robe: vintage, tank top: target, leggings: american apparel, boots: cathy jean.

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  1. i looooooove that poncho!
    SO unique, it's fab.


  2. lexi colby--thank you so much. it's so fun when i find one of a kind unique items!

  3. Okay, that post was very touching. No sarcasm. I love the title as well!
    Just to let you know (as you expressed a, um, interest/obsession, haha) my pirate boots arrived! I almost screamed out with glee when I saw the box. Looove.

  4. you're amazing. i truly wish the best for you and your family.


  5. wow! amazing
    i love your jacket

  6. I love the editorial feel. That piece is so elegant and chic! Lovely blue.

    Ps. Check your email ;)


  7. wow...awful to hear about your brother- my thoughts are with you.

    but in happier news- i must also comment on this piece- i love ikat- and this is utterly, amazingly wonderful.


  8. you kind of look like (a younger) Kim Gordon and THAT is a compliment. Geek Love is one of my most favorite books ever.

    XXX, Kim

  9. loveeee this outfit. everything about it is absolutely stunning. that piece and jewelery is killer. hang in there girl- dont let anything tarnish that beautiful face.
    and gorgeouss blogg; will definitely be back again visiting SOON!

  10. Such a lovely blog! Amazing photos, that jacket is beautiful!
    Sorry about the bad news, but I agree with how it really helps to have things such as fashion which you love and can immurse yourself in, I completely relate to this! Just keep at it :)

    I'm going to follow your blog :)


  11. That's such an amazing and dramatic jacket!! I would have to totally agree with you about fashion! It's empowering and put you in an optimistic mood!! xxoxoxo

  12. lovely! thanks for leaving all those lovely comments on my blog/twitter :) These pictures are very cool. I like how you did your hair!!!

  13. amelie--thank you!! xxx

    m&e--awww....thanks so much!

    jasmine--so glad you got your boots! envious!!!

    dirtyhairhalo--thanks so much for the compliment!!

    ainhoa--i'd like to thank my hubby for taking them. they always look better when he takes them because he can do great close ups on the clothing. and he's just better. haha!

    clara--i love ebay for finds like this! thanks!!

    fashion chalet--your opinion is greatly appreciated, as always. thank you gorgeous styling woman!

    every little counts--thank you so much for the love. my brother did pass away, so i am in total grief mode. but....i love ikat too and was so psyched to find this!

    kim--kim gordon seriously rocks my world. that is a huge compliment. geek love is the best book ever next to 'your name written on water' if you haven't read that you should! thanks for the visit!

    always (alanna)--you are so sweet. my face is feeling very tarnished as of now. big red blotches from crying. ugh. thank you so much for your sweet compliment!!

    tereza--yes i will. my brother died today but i am doing a tribute post for him tonight. i feel like he would want that. thanks for the love!!

    fashion cappuccino--thank you and yes it's such a great outlet. the shopping part makes me forget all my problems. haha!

    lj--thank you!! xxx

    thehautepursuit--thanks so much for the visit. coming from you that is a huge compliment!! xxx

  14. hope your brother feels better :)

    that jacket is crazy its the perfect shape that im dying for right now :)

  15. fade to black--thanks so much for the visit. it's so hard to find this silhouette isn't it?! yeah i got lucky.


  16. amazing poncho!!! such a great outfit


  17. I love ikat so much and that jacket is a treasure, the colors are especially amazing.