polyvore obsession.

i have been shopping on polyvore all week. this is a good alternative to not being able to actually shop at the moment. it tides me over for a bit. i decided this is what i want to wear tonight. although i am getting ready to shoot my outfit of the day, and guess what--it isn't this. check back later for the actual outfit i wore today. love.


check out my other blog *inspire for some awesome pics.

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  1. how freaking rockstar?! i would totally wear that...like right now.


  2. That would look wierd on me, but I really like the outfit. I need some rock and roll in my life.

  3. lauren--right? i love. xxxx

    belle in arms--you are in the hood now, time for a little rock-n-roll! aww... gorgeous one!

  4. wow your blog is soooo adorable! love all your post! such an inspiration! definitely bookmarking you! hope you can stop by my blog sometime :) xox

  5. Those shoes are off the hook! OMIGosh, love.

    Can't wait to see the outfit of the day!

  6. Hilarious! I've avoided online shopping because I'm worried I wouldn't be able to control myself, but this is a good alternative.

    Love it!


  7. the fashion bloggess--thank you that means a lot! xxx

    nickie--love those givenchy's! they have leggings, bags and blouses in that print too. what i would do for a pair of those shoes! i'm sorry about not posting. exhaustion hit hard last nite. tonite for sure. xxx

    rebecca--i always think the same thing when i do those collages but if u think about it. the rings are on. the lipstick is on chances are the sunglasses and coat are off half the time so it's really not that much. haha. i am known for over accessorizing though. thanks for your comment! xxx

    faridah--polyvore is such a great creative outlet. love!

    kelsey--i have the same thoughts, but seriously when i shop and create outfits on polyvore it helps with that somewhat obsessive need i have to shop. ha! try it! xxx

  8. ouu im so addicted to polyvore too<3


  9. You're so creative. Every post is a fun, new jewel to look at. :)


  10. See I'm not successfull enough to have an assistant (yet) but my boyfriend is kind enough to drive me around when we have the same time off. So I usually get all of my vintage shopping/errands which require a drive of more than 10 minutes, done on Tuesday, our mutual day off. How the hell are we ever going to go shopping together is we both don't drive... hmmmm.

    PS the shoes in this collare are perfecto.

  11. i think i need to explore polyvore a bit. i'm afraid of addiction ;)

  12. meggstatus--well...i can drive the side streets like no other, i even drive to laguna niguel on the side streets. haha! it will just take us extra long to get around!!

    every little counts--it is a bit addictive, as if i'm not addicted to the internet enough. haha!

    taylor--yeah i want it in my closet now! xxx