new year nuisance.

okay so i was really positive about this new year. seeing as last year has had ultra highs, but also really bad lows. i got married and lost two people i loved dearly. if any of you have experienced this you know the grief involved in losing a loved one. and if you've been married you know the happiness that comes with that. no wonder why my panic attacks started getting worse.

anyway i don't want to go on about that seeing as it is a new year! so instead i will tell you about the drama of my new year so far. haha! i woke up on nye with the flu and ended up in the hospital last nite with a high fever, my pulse was 150 and my blood pressure was low. i am grateful to be alive today. seriously.

since i haven't posted an outfit because of this craziness. i thought i would pull a funny and do an emergency room outfit post. yay!!!

i really hope everyone had a rockin' new years eve. i'm pretty excited about what is to come this year.

p.s. at least i was sporting my sister-in-laws awesome headband. available at http://www.navyperl.blogspot.com/

i also love that i was fb'ing and texting the five hours i was there. that's how i roll, yo!

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