valetta justifies her love.

i know a million bloggers have probably already posted this editorial and i realize that it is extremely old, especially by fashions standards, but i am so in love with it!! i must torture you some more. (=; this takes me back to madonna's justify my love days. i am such a fan of the dark and gritty. that probably explains my fascination with foreign films. aha!! what do you think of it? it seems like it was a bit controversial and scandalous(one of my all time favorite words. sweet!). all the more fun i say!

i will have an outfit post for you tomorrow. until then, enjoy again!


vogue italia april 2009, photographer: steven klein, model: amber valletta

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  1. @versastyle - I know right!! It's still so amazing!!
    @ashleigh - agreed. totally kicks ass! Thank you!!