coffee date casualness.

i had a coffee date with one of my good friends today at solar de cahuenga and as it's a bit chilly still and i have treacherous hills to walk up, my look needed to be simple and comfortable. this may be a bit boring and i apologize, but i made a promise to myself that i am going to do an outfit post every day. it's kind of a goal, without the serious strictness. it's kind of like smoking for me. i've been a smoker since i was 23 years old and always wanted to quit of course but last july i just stopped craving them. i've had a few since, but i do not and will not say i quit because it would make the rebel in me want to smoke again. do you get what i'm saying? so anyway here is my comfy look-complete with a haggard bag, as you can see. i've had it forever and it's been through the wringer. but i love it still. i love the look of things that are worn in. when i get a new pair of shoes i spend a lot of time aging them and making them look authentic. i seriously love aging things. it is one of my favorite things to do when i work on movies. so much fun!

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sweater: zara, tee: aa, winter legging: aa, boot: vintage, belt: chanel, hat: vintage, purse: rafe.

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  1. gorgeous. you have incredible style.


  2. 'Smoking' outfit! So stylish and comfy too!

  3. The exact opposite of boring! Adore adore adore. :D


  4. fashion is a playground-thank you so much!!

    verseastyle-love that you said 'smoking' haha! thanks!!

    cheyne and cheyne-thanks for the visit. so sweet!

    jessieadore-i adore you! thank you!

  5. Love this laid back style and love it when people mix and match black and blue looks fab


  6. the fashion cloud—thank you so much! i totally agree with you, i love mixing navy and black. tres chic.