the count of saint germain.

i went shopping at zara the other day and bought this amazing green leather jacket for cheap. holla! i really like the idea of the green over the typical black. i decided to pair it with my casual striped shirt and boyfriend jeans. the shoes are michael kors, someone that i feel is a surprisingly awesome shoe designer. i'm wearing one of my favorite lipsticks 'saint germain' by mac. i have a huge, and i mean huge, lipstick obsession. i must have at least 50 of them. i know, it's out of control. i often think of all the shoes i could get with the money i spend on lipstick. oh and speaking of shoes, i have two new pairs of spring shoes on the way (been saving up lippy money) and can't wait to show them to you!

also there is a message board --------> over there, please feel free to fire any questions my way. i'm calling it "ask a stylist". i would love to help in any way possible--be it with career or just personal style info.


leather jacket: zara, stripe tee: zara, jeans: abercrombie thrifted, shoes: michael kors, hat: grandma's vintage, belt: vintage.

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  1. keep going on with ur blog!

    good work =)

    I follow u! Its so cool =)!!!!!

    I hope u follow and visit me.
    Greetings from Germany
    Tzoules K.

  2. i really like the jacket and i love your necklace

  3. i'm adoring this look.


  4. Great photos!!! Such great quality and sharpness in color. I LOOOOVVVEEE that black/white stripe shirt. It is seriously amazing and you look beautiful ;)

  5. loving the fur hat and bright pink lips!


  6. I am loving everything about this, the boyfriend jeans, the rolled down socks, the epic hat... PERFECTION

  7. Gorgeous jacket!
    LOVE the "shoot" :)


  8. cool jacket. i have a beige lipstick obsession, search continues...

  9. tzoules-thank you and i will!

    ajourd hui-i'm so glad you like my necklace, it's my staple

    cait mayer-thank you! xxx

    heart charlie-thank you! i still have a lot to learn with photography and photo editing. it's quite frustrating. i'm thankful that i have my husband to take my photos sometimes! xxx

    jade "purple" brown-love bright lips. yay!! thanks!

    meggstatus-awwww...you are too sweet! thanks for coming by!! xxx

    fashion chalet-thanks so much for your support, it means a lot to me! xxx

    the divinitus-oh my! i have a beige lipstick obsession too. ever since mac discontinued my fave bardot in the 90's i've been on a rampage!!

    rebecca-i know, it's an interesting kind of wrinkled leather look, but it's ultra soft. thank you!!

  10. adoreee the lipstick shade! looks great :)
    oh and the sock/shoe combo looks great xx

  11. God I love that huge hat. And the socks and shoes. And the whole thing.