as promised last night i whipped out the scissors and tried a diy on a pair of jeans. this of course was inspired directly copied from erin wasson x rvca. see here. this did not work out quite the way i wanted it to. let me tell you why—the only jeans i had to work with were some cheap-o forever21 dealio's with so much spandex in them that they might as well be leggings. i knew going into this that i needed pants with no stretch, but being the stubborn person i am and also a person that seeks instant gratification, i went ahead.....ugh.

do not—may i stress—do not try to cut shapes into stretch fabric. the triangle will end up looking like a rectangle and a heart will look like a bat (example aa heart tights). it also didn't help that i couldn't cut the triangles higher on the jean because of the pocket. disaster. i am posting this so you can kind of get the idea, but also you will learn from my mistakes. haha! i am quite sure these will be going out with the trash and i will be spending money on the real thing. so much for trying to save a buck!

do any of you have any diy disasters you would like to share?

p.s. i apologize for the practical mug shots, up against the apartment wall. i blame this on the rain, i would also like to blame this diy on the rain. and after i post this i'm sure i would like to blame it on the rain as well....aargh.


tee: vintage, jeans: forever21 mistakenly diy'd by myself. boots: gojane.

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  1. awww..thanks! your comment is the only reason i'm not deleting this horrid post. haha!