I had a sudden urge to pull everything red out of my closet last night. while searching through my closet as if my fantasy wardrobe world were ending, it occurred to me that i seriously need more color in my wardrobe. i didn't have much red to work with, so i chose this vintage blazer. i had a hard time reaching a decision about how to wear the blazer. so i chose to wear it two ways, and here's what i ended up with:

blazer: vintage, vest: target, tee: h&m, leggings: aa, boots: zara, belt: vintage, necklace: grandma's, hand chain: apparellel, earrings: costume jewelry.

let this be another new years resolution: add more color to our closets!


blazer: vintage, leggings: aa, boots: zara, necklace: grandma's costume jewelry from the 80's, belt: another grandma 80's score, hand chain: apparellel.

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