fashionable flash drives.

here is some inspiration for you tech-savvy folk. i am definitely not included in that group. i'm still trying to figure out html for my blog. yes i am old school trying to catch up with the new school and not afraid to admit it. (=; but i would wear one of these flashy drives in two seconds.

Furry Objects is a series by Danish artist Magnhild Disington that mixes scraps of fur with cell phones and flash drives.  found and direct quote from http://www.makezine.com/  
pure awesomeness!!

check them out here: http://www.magnhilddisington.com/work/furry-future-the-modern-amulet/

i should have an outfit post soon. i'm still in utah trying to deal with snow and cold. i've been having a blast with the family. the holidays have been good to me and i am grateful for every moment i can spend with my family. full of appreciation i am.
i hope you all are enjoying your holidays.
much love.

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  1. They are amaaazing, definitely wanna haves !
    xx Birgit & have a great new yeaar.

  2. want one want one... :)
    these furriees are amazing!! this is really different and so cool!!


  3. love the necklaces! so cute and furry. haha :)

  4. thanks! i thought they were extremely awesome for flash drives. what a great idea!!