christmas tree virgin.

this is the first year of my adult life that i have ever had my own christmas tree. i know, it's shocking. 22 years i've been on my own. i guess it took getting married. so the other day b and i went to go pick out a christmas tree and decorate it. i think we are going ice skating tonite. that is if i can handle it with the amount of pain my body is in today from playing "just dance" on the wii for the past two nites. wow, am i ever out of shape! haven't posted any outfit pics lately. haven't really been in the mood, but after this one i have another post that i think you might like! yay!

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  1. you guys look perfect for each other! i don't know what it is, but it just seems like it. hah. also, thanks for the comment on my blog! it was very inspirational, and i appreciated it (:

  2. That is the best compliment ever!