summer lovin' lust list.

time for a new lust list. i decided for summer i am just going to be sporting rompers and caftans. it sounds uniform like and easy. i'm not really a dress person, but can definitely sport a caftan, because it doesn't feel too girly--more mrs. roper, but that's fine. so here are a few of the lovely items i am craving, and this doesn't include most of my ebay watched items. as you can see i'm not really digging on the whole 'nude' trend, i love it--it just doesn't love me. maybe when i get a tan,and i can't wait for that to happen. does anyone have a roof or a pool where i can sunbathe? so, the question is... what are you lusting for this summer?

also, in the works is going to be a shop where i will be selling clothing, shoes and some diy's. yay! i will try to get it up tomorrow or the next day.

thanks for all of your well wishes, i am feeling much better.


story of the night: the joys of living in hollywood. my husband and i are sitting in the front room. he is obsessively watching 24 and i am working on this post when i see our front door open (my husband always forgets to lock the door, which is a huge ocd thing with me, we live in hollywood for gods sake). i look at my husband like "wtf? are you expecting someone" and this guy just walks right in. i'm thinking he's going to whip out a gun, nothing new (it's happened to me 3 times). fortunately my little doggie violetta came to the rescue and barked him out of the house, but even then he took his time. so i go lock the door and it reeks of alcohol where he was standing. just some random drunk dude coming in to have a beer i guess. wtf? and where was my husband? he was just sitting on the couch staring at the guy. haha. okay enough stories for the night. mwah.

caftans courtesy of the amazing: spanish moss vintage, jumpsuits: shopbop mostly, shoes: zara, bonadrag, shopbop, nasty gal vintage and solestruck. purse: oak nyc, hat: free people, vest: pixie market and belt: ebay. phew! i can't believe i remembered all of those.

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  1. Great list of things to buy. I hope you get them all!!! The shoes are just friggin awesome :)
    I can't wait for your shop to be up. I've been trying to get mine up and running but I'm such a procrastinator.

    Lena xoxo

  2. oh i love the blue one. i would want to wear that every day too.


  3. wow this list is nutts, I've literally never seen any of these items online. Where have I been? The blue one piece is so hot so is that belt with the turqouise studds! oh shit and that sherling vest my gosh ok let me stop..Great pics girlie!

  4. OMG Tessa! That's scary!!!!! How big is your dog!?

    I'm paranoid too, about keeping the doors locked. Better safe than sorry.

    I'm liking that henley style romper... very pajama-ish (even though it's paired with heels).

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  5. Love, love, love. Especially the blue one with the cinched waist! And I'm not sure I could pull off the nude either- I don't know that the world would enjoy seeing that too much.

  6. wow i really love that first kaftan!! I'm definitely looking for a few kaftan of my own for this summer, plus overly destroye denim cutoffs, shirt dresses to wear with knee highs, and a whole influx of maxi dresses and skirts to flood my wardbrobe.

    congrats on moving forward with the shop, can't wait to see the diys you come up with!!

    the contemporary ingenue

    xoxo E&L

  7. love love love all the prints! you have great style!


  8. WHAT?! OMIGosh! That is scary!

    On a brighter note, you're opening a shop?! Awesome! Can't wait!

    Love those caftans. :)

  9. I love the last pair of platforms. And I never lock doors either. But I've never had anyone walk in, with our without a gun. That's scary, Tessa.
    Yes, me in the picture. Sending love.

    XO, K

  10. what a shocker of a story- i can't believe it- remember to lock the doooor scary times! So sorry to hear about you cfs too- sweet to comment and good to know of someone else who fully gets it. Onwards and upwards for us both.x
    Gorgeous pics i'm crazy for the kaftans and rompers- im hoping some sort of nude will suit but i'm like you- love the trend but no love back! xx katie.x


  11. oh my goodness grrl, our lust lists are the same! i mean i do love me dresses... but i'm diggn the caftans and rompers for this season... even some of the exact items! haha! i saw an AA romper on taghrids blog that i want sooo bad, but it's not on the AA site, maybe it hasn't come out yet... otherwise i might have to settle. and i bought those jc boots (nation) just the other day!! can't wait to get them!!!

    ohhhh, and yeah we should totally get together... one of the flea markets sound great!

    ummmm, ok.... byeeeeeeee

    ohhh, i have a leopard caftan for sale right now... let me know if you are interested and i'll email you the link :)




  13. first thing first, thats a pretty funny story..you and your husband must have lots of fun together maybe too much fun eh?lol and the lust list is amazing, i find that black wedge/sandal very very attractive


  14. girrl i love those first couple! beautiful.
    oh my what a freekin story, gotta love the ferocious dog. HA! <3

  15. love those sam edelmans.... also, is that blue romper halston heritage??



  16. Eek, that's a scary story. Lock the door!!

  17. im in love with those black wedges there !
    check my blog out at...

    dont forget to enter my sex and the city film set tour giveaway !

  18. oh my god what a crazy story. i am always terrified of someone breaking into our place.
    that being said, i am really excited about your shop!