d.i.y. lace maxi skirt video.

hey everyone! i decided to do another video, because i found this awesome diy on lovemaegan's blog and totally jacked it from her. i really have to give her a shout out because her blog rocks and you all need to check it out. i just love the look of this lace skirt, and used this material because it was the only fabric i had on hand, but thank god i had it because i dig it. this video was whittled down to nothing. it was origninally an hours worth of tessa ramblings and such.

NOTE: i am not a sewer, in any way shape or form. i have been spoiled in my work by having others make my patterns and sew for me. the most i do is hem a pair of pants (by hand), i just want to make that clear.

i just want you to know that what i did mention, which was cut, is that this is a really quick and easy version. it's a bit janky in quality, but you know me, if it involves more than sewing a straight line i won't do it. so for all of you professional sewers i apologize for crawling over the fabric and all of the faux pas. oops. i also apologize for the pic, it was just a still taken from the video. and i would like to thank my husband for helping me with this video on 'date nite, yay!'. love. hope you all enjoy!

oh, and i decided to give you all until this coming sunday to submit your diy t-shirts. i will announce the winner this monday. there was a problem with my e-mail but it is now working, so send the pics of your tee here.

sending loves.


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  1. hah, if only I werent too lazy for anything involving the sewing machine. pulling the hem of a dress up to my waist and belting it is pretty much as good as it gets...

  2. attempting style--i totally get it. i am the same way, usually. i just thought since this only involves sewing two straight lines i could do it. i can't wait to do it with other fabrics!! xxx

  3. YAAAAAA!!!! Love video DIY's! WICKED!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  4. LOL! I love ur video ur personality is dope! Your speach reminds me of rachel zoe.And to me thats a great thing. I could never do one of these videos I'm waaaay too complicated I swear..Draw string lace skirt? very original I think..Love ur clogs btw..cool hubby to do all that work for you...thumbs up

  5. Awesome! I love these diy videos! I've probably messed up more projects than I've successfully completed, but I still keep trying. A good sewing machine makes all the difference. A cutting table would be nice too, but for now I have the living room floor. (lame).

  6. Great video! I'm probably (and by probably, I mean definitely) going to copy that too... thanks for posting this! (oh and the skirt looks fab on you!)



  7. i envy your DIY! just great - and your look fantastic in video ;-) xx

  8. thanks sooo much for the video ! it was really easy to follow it ! im lovin that maxi skirt very much !

  9. I've just watched the video!
    Love it!
    I was just thinking about a long shirt, maybe in a simple cotton cloth, in grey...
    I'll try...!



  10. wow! amazing look
    love your DIY skirt

  11. Tessa.
    2. Thanks for the shout out! Let's get those duct tape rings in the How To Guides in a DIY by Apparellel feature!
    3. This is for you:

  12. The skirt is very pretty.


  13. Wauw what a great idea, although it was not yours the vid is really good, I'm definitely gonna try this for easter, xxx

  14. can't decide what i like more: your diys or the hilarious side comments

  15. This is stunning- great diy video too! i definately need to get round to some diy its been a while!
    Thankyou for your sweet comments.xx katie


  16. DAMNIT, you are a genius.
    i love it. <333333