black and blue.

song of the day: depeche mode 'wrong'. enjoy.

exciting news. new york design shop's home page features yours truly. i am so excited to do more diy collaborations with them. the denim vest i'm wearing i diy'd with their iron on studded pave. super easy--all you need is an iron and they have tons of great colors. i didn't know how they would possibly stay put, but they are on that vest for good. if you haven't checked nyds out, you really must. they got a bunch of new diy materials in today and my shopping list has expanded about 3 times what it was before.

also i just discovered that ramblings of one crazeE mama featured me on her blog today too. i really am blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing and positive people, it may sound corny--but it's true.

i hope you are all enjoying your week so far.


vest: cut-off and studding diy, tank top: aa, liquid leggings: express via ebay, boots: saucy stripper, bullet belt: ebay.

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  1. I always love liquid leggings! Congrats on the features.

  2. congrats on the features! i will check the link! i am the liquid leggins fanatic as well...

  3. killer outfit, as always!



  4. i love those leggings and the bullet belt !

    MICHELLE || Glisters and Blisters

  5. wow good for you! congrats on all the features, i love that your style is getting the recognition it deserves!

    and that bullet belt is bad ass-WANT it!! haha

    the contemporary ingenue

    xoxo E&L

  6. Ok, I HAVE to try those iron on studs. I was looking at them a while ago & got so busy moving my shop that I totally forgot about them. In fact I have a vintage motorcycle vest in the shop now that I'd love to put some studs on. Now all I need is more hours in the day. ;)

    Now, off to check out the feature. Have a great day!

  7. Look at you! Congrats.. and they used the cutest pic of you on their homepage. Digging the vest :)

  8. incredible...love your style...amaaaaaziiiiing

  9. the vest is so killer
    i totally want one too
    i think i can work my ways with the pins and all that!
    congrats on your feature ,you deserve it,your very talented on what you do

    many kisses!!

  10. Wow this is so well styled the blue hair and this style suits you so well. Congrats on your feature you deserve the regconition xoxo

  11. woohoo congrats! you're super awesome thats WHY you're surrounded by awesome people! keep bringing us killer styles darl :)


  12. that bullet belt seriously makes my day every time i see it. i LOVE depeche mode. i've loved them since i was itty bitty...and thank you for your comments :-) you also make me laugh...out loud...in inappropriate places...

  13. LOVE- I love the inspiration you always give me.
    have a fabulous day, xoxo

  14. I love this rock & excentric outfit : )
    Beautiful pictures : )