d.i.y. t-shirt (video)

hello to all of the beautiful people! try not to be shocked at the hour of my posting. i usually post anywhere from 1-3 am but had technical difficulties.

so i decided to shoot a quick (12 minute) video on a t-shirt diy yesterday as some of you had asked for it. so i set the camera up and shot it all in one take! yes i am so proud. well husband comes home and has to make it fancy. i knew this would happen. this is one of the many things he does for a living, so he tends to be a bit of a perfectionist. so what became a quick post became the 8 hour long process. the funny thing is, i only let him do the intro and a few quick cuts where i was rambling too much. he would have gone completely haywire if i let him. so anyway here it is in all its glory. thanks to my husband for making it somewhat watchable. let me know if you peeps would like me to do more of these in the future. i was planning on doing more videos but just not of this nature. love.


p.s. if you want to know how to do the stencil as well let me know. i had to keep the video short, but i can do a separate one with that if you would like. love!

also let me know how you are doing on your tees for the giveaway with nyds. can't wait!

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  1. You are fuggin INCREDIBLE!! Love, love, love, LOVE this!

    Kimmy D

  2. Hey, cool video! I love the DIY tee. It would be great to see the deal w/ the stencil. I always mess those up somehow. I guess they aren't as easy as they look. Anyway, it's nice to put a voice to the face.

  3. I LOVE YOU!
    i wish i was this creative.
    im seriously going to go do that so some of my shirts.
    caus im inlove.
    but it wont look as good.
    hope youre feelinggooodd! <33333

  4. Tessa. you are adorable. we're gonna start videos soon too!!!! SO GREAT! Keep 'em comin!

  5. Great video, I am going to try to DIY my t-shirts as a test for a project I am working on anyway!

  6. WOW I love the Video! You make it look sew easy!!!! Do more.. :)))) xoxo

  7. Wauw!
    It's great and you made it perfectly clear!
    you should do this more often!
    I'm going to make this shirt with friens fur sure.

  8. ahhh such a good video, you should definitely do more! i LOVELOVELOVE you and your style and your lovely comments :)
    i will also be trying out your diy t shirt at the weekend :) and im not a perfectionist either, i really dont care if its straight or wonky, as long as it looks good ;)
    much love

  9. I think showing diy videos are a great idea. Well done!!

  10. lol love your comments on the side like how you say "i'm not strung out on blow or anything". awesome idea with the videos, it is so much easier to understand then just through pictures alone, two thumbs up and keep em coming :)


  11. cor cor--thanks girl. lots of love!

    nickie--i know with the stencil thing. i can't believe i actually got it right the first time. haha.

    julianne--i call bullshit! it will look as good if not better! sending you love and healing energy gorgeous!

    nyds--i can't wait to see your videos! mwah!

    the man from amsterdam--can't wait to see what this test project is!! xxx

    the style revolution--haha. it is so easy! you are sweet!

    aujourd'hui--it's a great project because it is so simple and doesn't take a lot of time. mwah!

    suyinsays--oh good, i can't wait to see it finished. i think if it's a bit wonky it gives it character! xxx

    sabine psynopsis--thank you!! love.

    carla--i'm glad you caught that. it's nerve wracking doing a video. pics are one thing but videos can be so intimate, so i really wanted my personality to come through at least. loves!

  12. this is soooooooo useful!! and you are so adorable! y realli love the video! and your dog! hahahaa kisses and thank you! i'll totally do it!

  13. you are amazing. i have nothing else to say.
    i wanna know you. but i feel like i know you.

    your house looks so sweet too.

    XXX, Kim



  15. You are the absolute sweetest! I really loved this. I get so frustrated when I have to spend massive amounts of time on diys and I've also got piles of stuff I've made but never worn!

    This looks so simple and the end result is great. If I can find a decent t-shirt material I am going to give this one a go!

    As always, I love your posts to pieces. [=

  16. this is amazing! thanks for the video! =D

    join Versicle's anniversary GIVEAWAY, pronto!
    love xx

  17. this.is.awesome. !

    Thanks for the great idea - so simple and so impactful. Love the (grey) tee you also made in an older post with the black shorts and raccoon tail.


    A.Co @ www.acoest1984.blogspot.com

  18. Oh, that was so lovely! I can totally see us having a great DIY evening... ...why is there this distance thingy?

  19. thank you for inspiring me! you're gorgeous!

  20. Hilarious, funny part?

    I would totally have been your husband in this situation. I am nuts for things being JUST. RIGHT. this has lead to people giving me the nikckname 'perfection Nazi' considering I am black, I don't know how I feel about this. I don't think Hitler would approve either.

    That said Nice job the both of you!!!!

    MM x x

  21. Love your blog...and this DIY was amazing...I am the same way..I dont like taking forever to make anything...but doing a video for your DIY was a great idea so that your readers could see better how to do something then just following picture steps...im definitely following you !!!

  22. your too cute!! this video is amazing, i just watched it right now and you should just sell that to me cuz im so horrible at diys seriously
    i cannot do this !
    you look so adorable here!

  23. Thanks for sharing, my dear!
    Love this tutorial. Good job!

  24. omg, this is soo you! yr personality totally shines here!

    and i love yr groaning dog, haha.

  25. thanks everyone for your sweet comments. i'm so glad you liked it! have a great weekend. love!


  26. by the way,
    your hair is perfect :|

    you are incredible - and even prettier in real life! Ohhh I hate you :)