denim on denim.

first and foremost: the lovely hannah of london rose did a feature on me. this is a full long ass interview and pics feature. so if there was anything you wanted to know about me and didn't this is your chance. hee hee! she did a great job and i really want to give her props. her blog is amazing as well. check it!

today was interesting. i walked the blvd. (hollywood that would be) with my husband and my stepson to find ss a hoodie. you see ss is a juggalo, and a fickle one at that (but i sure do love this boy), so we were at it for quite a while. it was quite interesting. i live a few blocks from the blvd. so i have taken many a walk down the boulevard of broken dreams and i know about all of the smoke shops, souvenir shops and stripper shops. (and all in alphabetical order. did you notice that? do you see the talent that i emanate?!!) but for some reason i never noticed that they have these awesome metal shops that carry rad bullet belts, studded everything and rings that i am living for (i don't like to say dying for, it's too hmmm....negative? and seeing as everyone around me seems to be dropping like flies, well i'm just going to start saying "living for" from now on) so now i have one more excuse to spend money. yay!!


i swear to god i am not a mean/mad person. i just happen to look it in pictures.
ode to the 80's.
token ass shot.

chambray shirt: vintage, jeans: silence + noise, boots: gojane, necklace: vintage, hat: h and m.

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  1. fashionhippieloves--thank you! xxx

  2. you look hot. great overall outfit, too, and i love your boots!

  3. Totally digging denim shirts right now. I picked up a vintage Levi's one in Oxfam recently.

  4. love the denim on denim look. Hard to pull off put you did a great job! Definitely must go get a bullet belt...you know I'll love it :)


  5. vinda--awww...thanks hottie!

    the last miaow--oh sweet! now we need to see you in it!! (=;

    lena--omg! i saw a million of them tonite! i am going to get one and credit you for sure!! xxx

  6. Really love the denim on denim! The boots give it a whole new look!
    Well done hun!
    Looking great!

  7. This all denim look is so awesome and very in according to the new trends:)
    Those boots are also criminal, you're so lovely!


  8. nicole--thank you so much!! xxx

    the style revolution--thanks. i'm so trendy today!! woohoo!

    vintage me new you--oh i like that word "criminal". i might have to steal it!!

  9. hello you are freekin gorgeous girl!
    i llovelovelove these pictures!

  10. As always, love everything about the outfit. Never heard of a "juggalo". Feeling a little uncool. I regularly rock denim on denim, though. Hopefully I redeem myself there. ;) I fully support the bullet belt purchase. Crucial.

  11. love love demin on denim! Nicely done.
    Love you shoes! hot hot.



  12. great outfit, love the necklace

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  13. photoshooting is marvellous! it's so professional! did you work as a model?! i love the shoes very much, besides.

  14. i'm following you - your blog is great and the outfits so inspiring!

  15. oh i love d on d looks awesome on you
    love those pants
    ive been looking for some hardcore bell bottoms
    hahhah im gonna haunt them until i find them
    but this outfit is amazing,i love the necklaces too!!!


  16. loving your blog! this outfit is great.
    ps. check out/follow my blog? :)

  17. denim on denim rocks esp with all the pair on jewelry and beanie..love the look



  18. You look perfect! I love the denim on denim paired with the brown boots ;)

  19. Haha, I love you! This blog is pure feast for eyes.

    I also had time to browse through your old posts - oh, I'm giving you a long distance hug right now, you're going through some hard times right now.

  20. Oh fuck, I'm so tired that my English is awful :-P

  21. great interview! i can't believe you were on the set of dumb & dumber! that was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid :-)

  22. Denim on denim is so hard to pull off but you completely rocked it!

    Just read the interview you did with Hannah
    Sean Penn i am completely jelous ;)

  23. wonnderful post my love...i love your outfit and your pics...their look great!!!

  24. Loved your feature on London Rose!

    xx Leia - thehifashionsite.com

  25. love, love love denim on denim... i got a denim shirt from h&m it's not good enough, not like yours... must get another!

  26. Congrats on the interview! I love that denim top and the shoes in the pictures!

  27. Double denim looks stunning on you. Seriously doubt it would look this good on many people. Maybe that's just me being anti-denim though.

    I wish I could know every shop on Hollywood Boulevard. Too bad I live in the midwest! [=

    And by the way, I love that "living for" bit. It definitely sounds better. Honestly, I've always felt weird when saying I would die for an item of clothing or jewelry. You know? I like "living for" so much better!

  28. Oh and I read that interview and you are some hot shit if you don't mind my saying! [=

  29. LOVE IT!!! denim on denim reminds me of home... its like the rad version of midwest fashion

  30. Umm, that necklace is GIVING ME LIFE!

  31. juicy j--thank you so much, your words soften my heart!

    nickie--did u click on the link for "juggalo". it's interesting to say the least. you always look fantastic and u know it and i am so grabbing a bullet belt. soon!

    aleisha-rose--thank you so much gorgeous!!

    fashion by he--thank you. i get so excited to find pieces like this!

    martwa marta--haha you are sweet. never a model, only behind the scenes. i look so mean when i'm not smiling in pics. i need to have more smiling pics. thank you!! xxx thanks for following!!

    isquisofrenia--i almost wore this with my bell bottoms but since i just wore them a few outfits ago i decided not too. you are so sweet!! xxx

    projectvee--thanks for the visit!! love. xxx

    ak--thank you! i had to add a little something! xxx

    heart charlie--thanks sweet thing!

    kamicha--you are wonderful. thank you so much for the hug, it means a lot!

    c'est moi--yep dumb and dumber, my first movie. crazy!! thank you!

    the strawberry fields--thank you! i do love sean penn he is very mysterious but so cool.

    wendy--haha. you always make me smile!!

    anna-lena--thank you so much!! xxx

    leia--thank you so much for stopping by. so sweet!

    jennine--you and wendy both make me laugh. i have got to see the two of you together. i am sure your shirt is perfect!! mwah!

    style rider--thank you. you rock!!

    tastes eclectic fashion--you are so kind! living in hollywood is actually really stressing me out. i plan to move to mexico soon. crossing fingers. i think the midwest can be quite inspiring and you have kick ass thrift stores!! and yes "living" for. thank you for noticing that!!

  32. cosmic visions--hahaha! so true! xxx

    inny vinny--isn't it a great piece! goodwill!!

  33. i've been working the courage to do denim on denim for quite some time! you've inspired me to greatness! haha.

  34. Denim on denim, i love it. I've been thinking about a denim buttonup, but don't know if I could really pull it off...

    Either way, love it. I think I'm going to get myself a bullet belt next week. I love being a lil' punk!

  35. Why are you so dope? Why are those boots by Go Jane so dope on you? I hope I don't sound like a dope right now ;) Denim on denim. I need to rock that.

  36. i love the way you look, your facial expression in the second picture. You are a rock star!
    XO, Kim

  37. krislyn--do it! i can't wait to see the end result!! xxx

    jacob--you and i can go shopping for one together. and you can pull off anything.

    dream sequins--hahahaha! you are the dope one! i have to do the go jane sometimes. i wish i could afford the real things but when broke, go jane!!

    kim--you are a sweet beauty yourself. thank you. xxx

  38. Double denim! So good!


  39. don't care what anyone says, I secretly love double denim.