falling stars.

so brian and i were on our way out to his show and this star was hanging out on the sidewalk. gotta love hollywood. we find so much random stuff around here. and....as i promised i got an outfit pic. i'm sorta regretting the shorts. i'm sort of over them. the show was good except for the fact that they didn't go on until about 1am and everyone had pretty much left. i love seeing them play though. i don't like live bands much, but i really dig them and could actually see them going somewhere. and i'm not being biased, i swear. (=; today has been an extremely eventful day! i have been on a "rachel zoe" marathon. it really makes me glad that i am out of that industry. as much as i love fashion and i loved being a stylist it was literally killing me and it's just not worth it. i will stick to creating in my spare time for now and getting myself well so i can first and foremost get my inspiration back and then start "living" my life again. i am missing out on too much. although i really do feel like i have lived a full and exciting life. i had my dream career, i've met and worked with people and been places people would die to meet/see. sometimes i really feel like my life has been a surreal experience. i have been very blessed. and now my goal is to relax as much as possible, move to mexico and enjoy time with my husband, family and friends.


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