absence makes the heart grow fonder.

i know. i know. all of my ten thousand readers are growing desperate in my absence. i haven't written, because i really have nothing to write and i haven't posted any outfits because i've been walking around naked for the past week. well that's not true. in all actuality i have no way to take my outfit pic, so for now you will just have to wait until i come up with a solution. oh stop the oohhs and ahhhs. it won't take that long. maybe, just maybe i will get a pic tonite. because.....drum roll please. i am going out tonite. yes i am going to see brian's  band "the spaceship martini" play. i know you are all in shock at this news but it is the truth and i will get pics just to prove it to you! auf wiedersehen for now my loves. xxx t okay a quick glimpse into my outfits(?) the last couple of days.   p.s. all girls need these. they drive the boys crazy!

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