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she bleeds and all is well. So, i've had a lot going on this last week. my grandmas "celebration of life" which went really well, i'm glad it's over because i feel like i can move on now. my dad and my step-mom elizabeth left on saturday and i have been hanging out with my mom for the past couple of days. i came really close to having to go to the emergency room on sunday, but didn't. thank god! yesterday my mom and i went to our special place together...the coffee bean! i do have to say that i am more of a starbucks girl these days but when my family is around we are all about the bean. after that we brought a coffee to brian and continued our journey  to sephora, another one of our "special" places. yay! i do still have to really emotionally prepare myself and take a klonopin to enter the mall, but i did it. we then went to my aunt jo's house and visited with my grandma for quite a while which was really great. i love her so much. she adores brian and kept asking when he was going to be there. he finally showed up three hours later and we all hung out. fun with the family. there is no other way i would rather spend my day. so all is well in my world. i hope everyone else is having a splendid day.

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