Starting Over....


i have tried this blog situation before and it lasted one day. in fact I went to post my second blog in 4 months and I couldn't even remember the name of my blog, therefore having to create another one. this is the nature of me. i could sit here and tell you that I will be more "on" it this time, but that's too much pressure for me.

so a little background info on me.

1-raised in utah

2-moved to l.a. when i was eighteen to attend fashion school.

3-worked in the "industry" for approximately eighteen years doing styling and costume design for magazines, movies, tv shows and commercials.

4-i haven't worked in over a year for a number of reasons. 1: i'm sick of it. 2. i have been dealing with this panic disorder situation and also chronic fatigue syndrome, which traps me in many ways. 3. i have back pain, that makes it almost impossible to schlepp around clothing all day.

5-i married my best guy friend of 20 years four months ago. i never thought i would get married let alone to him, but i did and it was the best decision i have ever made.

6-i absolutely adore my friends and family.

7-i just lost my grandmother who was like a mother to me.

8-i don't capitalize.

9-i am a constant work in progress. this being the primary reason for this blog.

i hope that if anyone reads this they will be able to take something from it. i will warn you now this is going to be an outlet in many ways. creatively and also for rants, which could be quite fun!

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  1. So stoked you are doing this. I can't wait to read. You always make me laugh and smile! Loves xoxox

  2. be forewarned...this will not be edited. you may have to occasionally close your eyes. haha!

  3. your so funny i think your life is fascinating!