spring blooming.

hope you all had a happy st. patricks day. did you do anything fun? it was a big day for me, i put on a neon green shirt, walked to starbucks and got a flat tire. yeah, i know... the excitement. but it was date night with the husband tonite so that made up for it. so i received two awards. one i told you about the other day, and yesterday i was tagged by closet obsessions with a ten good things award. check out her blog while you are at it. she rocks it... hard. so here is my list, which is quite boring, but i am a simple girl.

1. my husband, brian.
2. family.
3. violetta (my pup).
4. the sun and it's warmth.
5. the desert.
6. tropical beaches.
7. green tea lattes and frapuccino's.
8. finding treasures.
9. creating.
10. watching movies at home (not at the theater, let me make that clear).

so i guess i'm supposed to pass this on, but i don't want to single anyone out, so whoever wants to do it--go for it. i would love to see ten things that make all of you happy. i actually love doing gratitude lists. every day i walk outside and think of all that i am grateful for. it makes such a difference in my day, and i feel so off when i don't do it. i was also tagged by lace and leather (love her!) with the what is in your bag situation. i already did this here, take a look--and i apologize in advance for anyone with ocd.

this outfit is what i wore today, i just switched out the neon green shirt for the purple as it's not going to be saint patty's day anymore when you all read this. as you all know by now, i cut all of my t-shirts. i love to cut, but don't love to sew. i love these diaper like bloomer shorts, they are so comfy and the awesome necklace is from new york design shop, and by the way, they just got some kick ass feather fringe in that will be pretty awesome for the t-shirt diy's you are all doing, right?! loving all of you so much i can hardly stand it!


tee: aa, bloomer shorts: aa, clogs: jeffrey campbell charlie, hat: h&m, necklace: new york design shop.

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  1. chiara--thank you sweet thing! xxx

  2. same here- i am such a clutz when it comes to sewing but give me a pair of scissors and i'm happy. love the customisation on this acid wash tee

  3. Amazing outfit, as per usual. Totally loving the clogs + pink hair! What dye did you uses? I've been looking for a good dip-dye, and can't find any. Suggestions?
    Panda x

  4. you look awesome!!!! love the clogs! i used to wear clogs when i was i child and as far as i remeber i trully hated them. now, i'm considering to buy a pair - they will look fantastic with a maxi dress, yes!

  5. Yay!! That necklace looks BOMB on yoU!!!! Excellent. Loves. P.s. I made the most amazing tee yesterday, and I'm gonna email you a pic for the contest :)

  6. I LOVE LOVE the way your t hangs on you, you have great arms!

    I didn't do anything crazy for St. Patty's day either, save for wearing a mint green t so you are not alone!

    the contemporary ingenue

    xoxo E&L

  7. Pink hair, what a succes. You look just as beautiful as always dear. I'm really glad you know what I'm talking about, the sleepless nights and all. It's comforting.

    Bisous <3

  8. Love your list!

    1. My kids (and family)
    2. Lulu (my Bully)
    3. My friends
    4. A really soft black tshirt
    5. the beach
    6. a Mocha ice blended
    7. my bed
    8. music
    9. creating & designing
    10. love

  9. another fantastic shoots from you! love <3

  10. the outfit is great! i love how you changed a simple aa shirt into an edgy one! love the accessories!

  11. I love the color of that tee. It's such a nice purple.

  12. i love you miss!
    youre my favoriiittee! <3
    you do have a looot in that bag.
    holy smokes!
    && that purple is amazing.
    such a rretty color.
    i love you and your short shorts!

  13. Did you bust out the bleach on that shirt? It looks great!!

    I love that necklace from NYDS, I'm always amazed by her incredible ideas & talent! Need to buy something from her.

    My list of 10 (things that make me happy, right?):

    1. My husband, Kevin.
    2. My son, JT & daughter, Charlotte.
    3. Jesus
    4. Cats (not the musical)
    5. Free birds (not the song)
    6. Shoes (esp shoes on sale)
    7. Thrift shops & all the *interesting* people who hang out there
    8. Chocolate chip cookies
    9. Running
    10. Friends

  14. one of my favorite looks so far. love the second to last picture.

    XOXO, Kim

  15. Oh man - you have the legs for the bloomer shorts! Living for some clogs.. need to get on that this weekend lol..

  16. i tried a pair of clogs on and my feet looked like hooves so props for making them look rad. i also cut all my shirts! i eventually use the sleeves as dust rags....how the mighty fall.

  17. I just did a shoot with clogs too!

  18. thank you everyone. your comments mean the world. extra thanks for those of you who did gratitude lists. what a great read! love.


  19. the one on my arm says,"beauty is truth, truth beauty" (keats poem). the one on my neck, translated, means "life without boundaries" (italian saying). my little robot flips off the world, i'm a circle sometimes a square and i wear my broken heart on my sleeve :-)

  20. I'm in love with purple lately.

  21. 'i love to cut, but don't love to sew' best quote ever.

  22. damn! love this get up!!!! did you just cut up the sleeves of the shirt?

    do send me some love over at deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com

  23. I love how you cut that tee - I'm always cutting my clothes up too, haha :)
    and- YAY CLOGS!!!
    Plus that purple in your hair looks amazing. So Gaga!



  24. one of my favorite things to do is cut up a t shirt :)


  25. great list. i forgot how much i like green tea lattes. i really miss the coffee bean!

  26. Amazing outfit!

    Love love love.



  27. this is perfect. all of the spring essentials! even pink hair and clogs!


  28. Your hair! I adore it, I can't wait to break out my multi colored hair extensions again. (proper ones, not the plastic ones from Claires you see those kids wearing :P)
    And the clogs, they are perfect! I was kind of unsure about them until I saw Chanel's ones, then got depressed because I knew I wouldn't be able to afford them. But your ones may be the perfect alternative.


  29. awww, you rock that hat, girl! :)
    I am so happy for spring!
    have a fab weekend, xoxo

  30. muffin, thanks for the shout out! ps. you're the ONLY person i've seen rock clogs... seriously. i thought they were so nerdy, not on you... :)